Have I Got News For You sort of predicted Brexit back in 1997

Screengrab via YouTube
Screengrab via YouTube

The title sequence for Have I Got News For You featured an eerie prediction of events in 2016.

The current affairs panel show updates its cartoon opening every few years. This is to keep the jokey references to political scandals fresh. But the titles for 1997-1998 are still so accurate they could be reused in today's frightening world.

The short sequence shows arrows in the colours of the European Union advancing across a map towards a Union Jack (this itself being a reference to the title sequence of Dad's Army).

The British arrow grows a leg and kicks back, promptly pushing itself away from the rest of Europe. (Spooky.)

As well as predicting the majority vote for Brexit, the cartoon even shows some of results breakdown.

After pushing off from the rest of Europe, Scotland pulls itself away from the rest of Britain, foreshadowing Nicola Stugeon's pledge for a second independence referendum for Scotland.

Where Mystic HIGNIFY gets it wrong is in the depiction of Wales and Northern Ireland also separating from the UK.

Then again, news moves fast these days.

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