Photo: HawaiiHTA Youtube
Photo: HawaiiHTA Youtube

Residents in Hawaii hate tourists so much they are being reminded to be friendly by a state-wide campaign aiming to highlight the benefits of tourism for the island.

The video campaign was put together by the Hawaii Tourism Authority, as the number of tourists visiting the island rises year on year, with over eight million visitors to Hawaii in 2014.

Many critics say the industry only offers poorly paid work and is exploitative of native Hawaiian culture, as well as increased traffic and congestion.

Rena Risso, a 30-year-old born and currently residing in Kailua, told the Associated Press:

I think, as far as the local’s point of view, it’s humbug. I can’t even take my kids to the beach on a weekend because it’s so crazy.

The videos, which cost $18,000 (over £12,000) to make are uploaded on the YouTube channel and the first one features famous chef Mark Noguchi laying it on thick:

We got a lot of tourism in our family, and we take care of family.

Take care of tourism: it’s a family business.

Jonathan Osorio, a professor of Hawaiian studies at the University of Hawaii, was less than impressed though:

The admonishment that we should take care of tourism because it’s a family business is a slick seduction that wants to avert the public’s attention from the industry’s abuses.

Mark Noguchi insists that his words are his own, and invites tourists to Hawaii's many islands, but the elephant in the room remains: it doesn't seem like locals are all that enthused.

Here's the 30-second video, below:

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