A map of the countries that suffer the most from terrorism

A map of the countries that suffer the most from terrorism
Picture: Statista/Global Terrorism Index

Twelve people were killed and 48 wounded after a lorry ploughed through Berlin’s Christmas Market on Monday night in what is suspected to be a terror attack.

A Pakistani man was arrested in connection with the incident, but has since been released. The newspaper Die Welt quoted a Berlin police official as saying:

We have the wrong man. And therefore a new situation — that the real attacker is still at large and can do more harm.

Though the nature of the attack remains unclear, the subject of terrorism has been thrust into the fore once more.

The Global Terrorism Index recently released its annual report, shedding light on the prevalence of terrorism worldwide.

The data, which looks at results for 2015 found that the five countries with the highest impact from terrorism are: Iraq, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Pakistan and Syria. The terrorist-related deaths in these countries accounted for 72 per cent of the global total.

Additionally, four terror organisations accounted for 74 per cent of terrorist-related deaths: the Taliban, which operates predominantly in Afghanistan; Boko Haram in Nigeria, al-Qaeda and Isis.

Statista has created this map to show the data:

The countries which fall into the highest impact category are Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Nigeria, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

These countries are followed in the next category by Libya and Egypt.

Despite the recent spate of terror-related attacks, countries in Europe maintain a relatively low score on the index.

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