Here's Fox News with the worst advice on how to avoid a terrorist attack

Fox News contributor Bo Dietl was on air yesterday to give his top "safety tips" to protect yourself from being the "soft targets" of terrorists.

Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nigeria and Syria are the countries most likely to suffer from terror attacks, and the threat to the US according to the latest Global Terrorism Report is minimal.

But ~facts~ didn't stop Dietl from encouraging normal citizens from racially profiling those around them.

During a segment on Your World with Neil Cavuto, Dietl recommended reporting "suspicious" looking people to authorities, leaving public transport "if you see somebody sitting there that doesn't look right to you," and making sure you're always aware of exits.

And then came the clincher:

I also put bacon in my hollow point bullets so when I whack the terrorists, he ain't going to the 72 virgins.

Dietl's tips in full:


  • Sit at the back
  • Take note of all emergency exits
  • Study people around you


  • Be aware of exits and windows
  • Sit in the back
  • Don't sit near window


  • Sit near door or escape window
  • Get off at next stop if you suspect someone

Funny. Minus the bacon part, to us this sounds eerily like how to avoid being the victim of a mass shooting by someone who legally owns a gun. Or the advice women get given on how not to get raped.


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