Here's what happens when ex-police officers are filmed smoking weed

Here's what happens when ex-police officers are filmed smoking weed

TL;DR: They support the legalisation of marijuana.

A video of ex-cops smoking weed for the first time in years has been making waves online.

The video was released on 4/20, the annual global festival of cannabis named after the American date convention. "420" is reportedly a code used by police for "marijuana smoking in progress". It's become an annual tradition, with marijuana-users descending on Hyde Park to celebrate the stoner holiday this year.

During the video, from, the ex-officers take a field sobriety test, play Cards Against Humanity and even get the munchies.

There are several stand-out points:

When discussing whether marijuana should be legal, Robert says: "I think it should be more widely available for medical reasons. It's like the last piece of prohibition."

At one point, Rene argues marijuana may be a gateway drug. Robert disagrees, saying perhaps the best quote from the video: "If you look at it, everyone who's a heroin addict started out drinking milk."

Later, they're asked if they're feeling horny, a common side effect of smoking pot. To this, Robert responds with far too much information: "I'm 73 years old! It's been so long since I've made love I can't remember who ties up whom."

Watch the video here:

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