A man smoking at the '420 Celebration'  in Hyde Park
A man smoking at the '420 Celebration' in Hyde Park

Cannabis users around the world are marking 4/20: the annual date where people traditionally gather to smoke and celebrate the drug.

And amid more than 50 people being arrested for "drugs-related offences" at a rally to mark 4/20 held in London's Hyde Park on Sunday, campaigners say it's time cannabis was legalised.

Stewart Harper of Norml-UK, the pro-legalisation pressure group who organised the event, told the Evening Standard that regulation of the drug is the way forward.

I can completely understand [worries about addiction and other health problems caused by the drug] - but if you regulated the market to make sure substances were not sold to children and that it was regulated then that is a better situation, rather than leaving it without control and to anarchy in the black market.

  • Stewart Harper, Norml-UK
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