If you thought Shoreditch was the only place full of sanctimonious hipsters, think again.

In Portland, Oregon, America's bearded, fixie bike utopia, someone has been leaving notes on the windshields of Volkswagen TDI owners telling them off for driving the cars at the centre of the emissions-test rigging scandal.

KGW reported that at least two slips of paper from a self-described "sympathetic and concerned" resident of the city have been discovered by Volkswagen drivers asking them whether "it's time to consider a different car".

It's in different colour fonts and everything.

And even manages to drag the Nazis into it.

Cute car, but FYI also killing people and the planet and fascist. :( indeed.

Also worth pointing out is the claim that a diesel-engine TDI produces 2-4 times more pollution than a petrol-burning Chevy Suburban is dubious at best.

Diesel and petrol produce very different emissions - and burning petrol creates much more planet-harming carbon dioxide than burning diesel. Which might be why the owner bought the TDI in the first place.

The smarmy note has been met with derision by both Portland residents and the internet as a whole.

Over at Jalopnik.com an open reply to the note-writer probably sums it up best:

Go find something better to do. Just take a few deep breaths and go eat some kale, you’ll be alright. Better yet, go help out the EPA [Environmental Protection Agency]. It seems like they could use a hand.

We're also going to use this story as an excuse to post this Portlandia clip. You're welcome.

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