The home secretary Sajid Javid was left stumbling for words after BBC host Andrew Marr asked him about the security of the country in case of a no-deal Brexit.

Javid, who appeared on the The Andrew Marr Show, sat down to speak, among other things, about crime rates and the future security of the country.

At one part in the interview, Marr chooses to grill Javid specifically about the lack of EU protection in case of a no-deal scenario, asking:

In very simple terms, if we leave without a deal, will things get worse for security and for the security services?

To which Javid responds:

We will still be a very safe country.

But Marr, who isn’t happy with the answer, interrupts the home secretary, asking again.

Stumbling for words, Javid responds by saying:

There are capabilities that I would absolutely want to keep but they require cooperation with the EU and I have to plan on the basis that in a no-deal scenario the EU will no longer allow us access to those capabilities…

There will be mitigants. They’re not perfect. I’d rather we were not in that situation.

With crime rates in major cities on the rise, and teeange deaths caused by knife crime being covered in the media on a regular basis, Javid's words are not necessarily reassuring.

The home secretary also took the opportunity during the interview to dismiss any speculation of a snap general election in June, saying:

The last this we want is a general election, the people will never forgive us for it.

They want politicians to get on with the job.

They have been given a very clear mandate, now its our job to get on with it.

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