New 'Hot felon' gets a modelling contract after his mugshot goes viral

Earlier this year a prison inmate went viral thanks to his striking appearance in a series of mugshots.

That handsome devil is Mekhi Alante Lucky, aka 'Prison Bae,' aka 'Mr Lucky,' who was arrested five times between April and December last year.

His offences included speeding in a stolen vehicle, alleged assault on a female, breaking and entering and resisting a public officer.

However, the 20-year-old from North Carolina has been given another chance of walking the straight and narrow.

Not only did he escape any jail time he has been snapped up a modelling agency and has been putting his good looks to good use.

Lucky has been signed to the Atlanta-based St Claire's Modelling Agency and has already featured in some high end fashion shoots.

This calls to mind Jeremy Weeks another chiselled prisoner who became the talk of the modelling world when his mugshots also went viral in 2014.

Lucky suffers from a condition called heterochomia, causing his eyes to be different colours, and has already earned over 25,000 followers on Instagram.

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