Looking to get away as a distraction to the US election, an imminent climate catastrophe and a global pandemic? Well now you can rent a place and live under a rock… literally.

According to a advertisement, if you’re suffering with election stress, you can bury your head in the sand at a property built into a rock in Farmington, New Mexico.

It’s also advertised for just $5 a night.

The ad stated:

After you’ve cast your ballot, you can check out of the newsfeed negativity and check in to a man-made cave built 50 feet below ground.

It was originally advertised for people to stay during the election week (2-7 November) but unfortunately that’s now booked up.

Instead, you can try booking at a later date – although it’s trial and error about when is available. vice president Josh Belkin said in a statement:

Political fatigue is real regardless of the year or election.

We’re transforming an age-old idiom into a bookable experience, so individuals can relax, recharge, and recover... because who knows what else 2020 has in store for us.

The people staying during the time of the election should cast their vote before their stay, of course...

The US election is on 3 November.

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