This hotel leaflet 'optical illusion' can tell if you have a dirty mind

This hotel leaflet 'optical illusion' can tell if you have a dirty mind

An optical illusion in the form of a helpful leaflet has gone viral for its, shall we say, ambiguous meaning.

The leaflet was placed in hotel guests’ rooms to innocently advertise safes in their rooms, showing a woman “enjoying peace of mind” as she laid back in a chair with her book.

Picture:Picture: Imgur

Underneath the woman the leaflet states:

inquire at front desk for details.

The image ended up on Imgur after people interpreted it in a very different way.

Users said:

I can totally see this as a subtle way of saying they can arrange an escort for you. And for those less perverted minds who don't see it they let you borrow books.

So, is this what they mean by "reading for pleasure"?

With this diagram, they are fooling the children into thinking it's books while telling the adults the truth. This thing is diabolically genius.

You should probably inquire at the front desk for some clarity...

I'm ashamed of myself for not understanding how the hell a hotel room was able to legally implement this until I realized that the man was actually reading a book.

That book is titled: How to make the front desk as uncomfortable as possible.

To restore your faith in humanity, not everyone has their minds in the gutter….

It actually looks like she fell, and smashed her head into his crotch, and this is the split second before he starts howling in pain.

Looks like a bird head coming out of the lady's crotch.

Dolphins.... all I see is dolphins

…they’re clearly just very confused people.

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