A heartbreaking video is doing the rounds online depicting an Australian child crying over the incessant bullying he faces at school. The result, however, has been an outpouring of support for the 9-year-old from all over the world.

In the video, shared by mother Yarraka Bayles, her son Quaden speaks of feeling suicidal while she implores viewers to educate their children about disability and bullying. It’s an almost unbearably painful watch but at least some good has come out of it.

The video caught the attention of the Indigenous NRL All-Stars who invited Quaden to lead them out for their game this weekend.

The video reached America and comedian Brad Williams launched a fundraiser to get Quaden and his mother to Disneyland. Over $130,000 has already been raised and Fiji Airways have donated plane tickets. The comic has insisted that any money left over will be donated to anti-bullying and anti-abuse charities.

Celebrities aplenty shared their support for the young man on Twitter.

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