Hurricane Florence is currently battering the US states of North and South Carolina and has already claimed five lives.

The danger of a storm of this magnitude cannot be emphasised enough as strong winds and high floodwaters have already knocked out the power to nearly 930,000 homes.

Around 17 trillion gallons of rain has been forecast to fall on North and South Carolina, Virginia and Georgia during the storms passing.

Amazingly, despite all the very obvious dangers, it hasn't stopped intrepid news reporters from getting the best possible coverage of the hurricane.

However, the lengths that MSNBC's Gadi Schwartz is going to in North Carolina is causing great concern for several people on Twitter.

One more than one occasion, Schwartz has been filmed out on the open while intense winds and rain swirl around him leaving him looking in a precarious situation.

Although his commitment to his job is admirable it is causing a lot of people great concern for his safety as nobody should be outside in those conditions.

Many Twitter users have been criticising the network for putting one of their members of staff in such a situation.

Gadi has since been trying to convince people that it's not actually that bad outside and posted this video that he sent his mother.

It's also worth pointing out that Gadi is not the only journalist out in the field reporting on the storm.

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