The sky turned orange and everyone made the same Blade Runner joke

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Unless you were locked in a bunker all day, you might have noticed that the skies over the UK turned a bit orange yesterday afternoon.

It was perhaps one of the most bizarre weather-related sights many had seen, as a haze made everything in the UK feel like an Instagram filter.

This spectacle was all thanks to Hurricane Ophelia which dragged in tropical air and dust from the Sahara desert which managed to mask the sun in awe-inspiring fashion.

It was a sight to behold for a couple of hours and over on social media people couldn't help but notice a similarity to a scene from certain sci-fi movie that is in cinemas at the moment.

We would say that we did feel a little like Ryan Gosling wandering around a devastated Las Vegas looking for Harrison Ford yesterday, but that's how we spend most days.

Blade Runner 2049 wasn't the only film that got a mention.

Thankfully Ophelia didn't bring a wave of Replicants, War Boys or Stromtroopers to terrorise us.

Just lots of pretty pictures on our Instagram feed, which was nice.

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