Picture: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty
Picture: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty

Britain is suffering a bit of an identity crisis, becoming all the more apparent with the country's erratic weather.

In the last month showers have been making their way back onto the skies, giving the impression that the blink-and-you'll-miss-it summer has passed.

Not so.

Highest temperatures in the last two days exceeded 30 degrees Celsius.

Wednesday saw Britain baking in 32°c heat, and Thursday was only slightly cooler.

Picture: Oli Scarff/Getty

Which might make it a really good time to get behind ol' Jeremy Corbyn...

Last year the Labour leader ran a motion through parliament which would see people at home, rather than working if temperatures exceeded 30°c.

Picture: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty

[This House] calls on the Government to adopt the recommendations of the TUC and joint union Cool It! campaign to introduce into law a maximum working temperature of 30 degrees Celsius (or 27 degrees Celsius for those doing strenuous work), beyond which employers would have a statutory duty to introduce effective control measures.

The motion had been signed by 37 MPs but sadly it didn't get the support it needed to make it an official government policy.

Jeremy Corbyn's office did not immediately confirm if he still supports this policy.

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