Fox News is known to regularly hate on Democratic Congress members, but this time Trump's favourite TV channel took it too far.

During a Thursday evening segment with Faith and Freedom Coalition founder Ralph Reed, host Laura Ingraham attempted to imply that Omar was attacking all (and yes, I mean ALL) of religion. Shortly before broadcasting a heavily-edited video of the Minnesota Congresswoman giving a speech earlier this week, Ingraham said:

Just the fact that we were talking about faith upsets a certain congresswoman

But podcaster Jordan Uhl took to Twitter to call Fox News out for their "absolutely disgusting" attempt to smear Omar, saying the speech was taken out of context and, in fact, totally different. Omar was essentially only focusing on the hypocrisy of some politicians in Washington whose personal actions differ from the religiously-motivated agenda they out out in public. Taking to stage, Omar said:

I am frustrated every single time I hear people speaking about their faith, and pushing that on other people.

We know those so called religious politicians–when it comes to their life, their choices—they want to talk about freedom. But when it comes to other people’s lives, and other people’s choices, they want to talk about religion.

Better luck next time, Fox News.

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