Ilhan Omar subjected to xenophobic abuse for not recognising Notre Dame as a place of worship in her tribute

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Congresswoman Ilhan Omar has become a public enemy and source of ridicule for Republicans and conservatives in recent weeks.

The Muslim congresswoman from Minnesota has been publicly targeted by those on the right of American politics following claims that she denied that the 9/11 attackers were terrorists.

This even led to Donald Trump himself sharing a video of Omar where she appeared to make the statement, a decision he said he didn't regret.

Fast forward to Monday and the 37-year-old politician tweeted her condolences to Paris after a devastating fire destroyed the roof of Notre Dame cathedral.

Although she didn't directly name the building she did send her wishes to the first responders who were 'trying to save this wonder' and paid tribute to the power of 'art and architecture'.

However, her words were met with derision and abuse from conservatives who lambasted Omar for 'only caring about art and architecture' and failing to acknowledge Notre Dame as a significant place of Christian worship, with some even likening her comments to ISIS.

In response to the abuse, people came to Omar's defence, pointing out that some are ready to criticise her for any comment she makes, with other raising awareness of the constant stream of hatred that she receives.

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