Ilhan Omar has the perfect response to Trump's 'vile' racist attack on her

Ilhan Omar has the perfect response to Trump's 'vile' racist attack on her
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Trump wasn’t ready for Ilhan Omar’s epic clap back to his racist attack on her.

On Tuesday, Trump attacked Omar for “telling us how to run our country” despite not being born in the US.

Omar, a congresswoman from Minnesota, was born in Somalia and fled to the US to gain asylum. She became a naturalised US citizen in 2000 and was elected as a congresswoman in 2018.

At a Pennsylvania rally, he asked: “How did you do where you came from? How is your country doing?”

Commentators were quick to call it 'vile' and to condemn it.

But Omar responded to Trump in the perfect way.

In her tweet, she managed to slam Trump twice.

Firstly, she wrote:

This is my country & I am a member of the House that impeached you.

She continued:

I fled civil war when I was 8. An 8-year-old doesn’t run a country even though you run our country like one.

This racist attack on Omar follows a tweet in July 2019, when Trump told Democratic congresswomen to “go back” to where they came from to fix their own countries.

Omar, who is part of the ‘squad’ of four progressive Democratic congresswomen, was assumed to be the focus of that attack – given that she’s the only Immigrant to the US in the group.

So, this isn't her first rodeo in countering Trump's attacks on her.

That might be what prompted Omar to later tweet an iconic 'Mean Girls' moment.

We’d also like to know: Trump, why are you so obsessed with her?

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