The Independent Group, who formed earlier this year out of a set of disillusioned and pro-EU Tory and Labour MPs, has officially applied to become a political party and stand in May's EU elections.

As well as that, the group has appointed former Tory MP Heidi Allen as their interim leader and they have also changed their name - they will now be called Change UK.

In a statement, Allen said:

Today marks a huge step forward on The Independent Group’s journey to becoming a fully-fledged political party, so I am delighted to have been chosen as our interim leader.

If we are to deliver on our ambition to change politics for the better, it is vital that we attract support from people from every walk of life, every political background and none.

Former Labour MP and the group's spokesman Chuka Umunna added:

There is clearly an appetite for an alternative to our broken politics which needs fundamental change, as shown by the disastrous Brexit process which has occurred under the watch of the two main parties.

A new party will shake up the two-party system and provide people with an alternative that can change our country for the better.

Much speculation has existed about the group since their formation in February as, beyond being against Brexit, people couldn't quite figure out what the group stood for.

This will presumably become clearer now that they are a party and they begin to stand in elections.

In the meantime, we'll just have to enjoy the jokes that Twitter has given us and for many, their new name is a bit troubling.

Others weren't too optimistic about what the party will actually offer the electorate and you know... actual change.

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