Video shows mum on school run driving into Insulate Britain protestors

Video shows mum on school run driving into Insulate Britain protestors

Insulate Britain protestors recently paused their efforts to force the UK government to insulate all social housing and to take action against climate change.

However, a newly surfaced video - which appears to be from last week - shows one angry driver appearing to drive into one of the protestors from behind.

The M25, central London roundabouts and Dover ferry terminal blockages have prompted some rather furious responses from drivers.

From people physically dragging protestors out of the road to drivers hailing abuse at the environmental activist group, and now, footage shows a woman attempting to run over the protestors.

Posted by Politics For All, the shocking clip shows a mum on a school run with her 11-year-old son. She gets out of the car and demands protestors to “move out the way now.”

“I’ll drive through you then,” she adds. “My son is 11 and he needs to get to school and I need to get to work.”

She proceeds to drive her Range Rover into the protestors backs as one yells out “Ow, ow, ow, no!”

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The shocking clip stirred up a debate on social media. One called the mum’s attempt to run them over to get a child to school “extreme.”

One Twitter user highlighted the issue of driving a four by four with only one other person inside. They added, it’s “one of the reasons climate activists block roads, protesting how reliant on cars this country is.”

Another agreed: “So a woman in an SUV in London driving one person to school considers her needs above everyone else.... The process used by Insulate Britain might not be the best but this does demonstrate the selfish nature that people need to change really clearly....”

However, others find the protests as “ludicrous” that “help precisely no one.”

“I don’t know why insulate Britain don’t understand this. They’re not hurting the government, or big oil corporations, just hurting ordinary working class people”, one tweeted, while another said: “If you’re sitting on the road you might get hit with a car they were warned.”

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