International Lesbian Day is held every year on 8 October, and it is an opportunity for lesbians everywhere to celebrate lesbian achievements and identity, while raising awareness for the battles that they still have to face.

Many women individually organise events that encourage the community to come together to celebrate lesbians all over the world.

This year, lesbians everywhere are celebrating with the hashtag #InternationalLesbianDay on Twitter – here are some of the best tweets that celebrate all areas of the day:

Celebrating love

These are some of the best posts by women wanting to share their love:

Pushing for political change

Many women have been using the day to push for systemic changes in how lesbians are treated:

Encouraging community

Others have been using the day to encourage communities to come together:

And those just... Celebrating

Some women took to Twitter to celebrate themselves and their fellow lesbians, too:

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