This interview with Jeremy Corbyn's former spokesperson sums up Labour's problem
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Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership of the Labour Party has been blighted by his perceived inability to work the media to his advantage.

An interview with his former press office Matt Zarb-Cousin sheds some light onto the problem with Labour and the media, and within the party itself.

He told Jacobin some of the reason why a Labour win next month is looking unlikely.

1. Lack of staff

He told Jacobin:

For around four or five months I was the only person dealing with the press lobby [the journalists in Westminster]. Some days I was getting eighty to a hundred calls or texts from journalists, mostly with stories that were leaked by people on our own side. Obviously that’s extremely frustrating.

2. Lack of internal communication

Zarb-Cousin said it was difficult to work with Labour’s headquarters.

There were times when certain journalists would find out about events and appointments immediately after they had been approved. Sometimes journalists would even find out before we did.

3. Media bias

Zarb-Cousin said the media would “seek out a trivial issue” at events in an attempt to ridicule the party. He said:

The press make it incredibly difficult for a left-wing, anti-establishment Leader of the Opposition to communicate to people. I don’t think conventional strategies work in the current framework.

4. Lack of organisation

Labour has MPs providing on-record briefings to the media, whereas the Tories are more organised. He said:

The Tories are a lot more professional in the way they go about conducting their business. They resolve their issues behind closed doors and largely without media involvement.

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