A member of the public has come up with a very satisfying way to get rid of politics induced stress

Picture: Shaun Curry/Getty
Picture: Shaun Curry/Getty

British politics is well and truly baffling right now.

David Cameron kick-started the current mess within his party with the EU referendum, followed swiftly by his resignation as prime minister.

After pussyfooting about, Leaver Michael Gove stabbed Boris Johnson in the back in a brief Conservative party leadership bid which was quickly shot down, followed by Andrea Leadsom, who withdraw on Monday, leaving Theresa May to take the crown unopposed.

It has not escaped anyone's attention that Cameron stood down to let a Leave campaigner guide our way out of the EU. Theresa May, who is now picking up the slack, was on the Remain side.

But not to worry. Madame Tussauds is here.

Mancunian Darren Jones tweeted his idea of a simple yet effective anger management technique:

If you're feeling a bit stressed, go to Madame Tussaud's. This helps to make your day better.

(Please be advised that this post gets a bit visually sweary after this point.)

And you know what? It looks really therapeutic.

The original post has been shared over a thousand times in just a few hours. We think the idea might be catching on.

Thanks, Darren.

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