Apple introduced a new iPhone feature for taking 'slofies' and nearly everyone hates it

Apple coined a new term during its annual product launch, and it’s already been met with a resounding “no”.

According to the tech giant, people will soon be able to take a “slofie” with their iPhone 11, thanks to a new slow-motion selfie feature, which the company proudly showed off during Tuesday's event at Steve Jobs Theatre.

The feature, which uses the phone's front-facing camera, appears to be useful for creating videos of you flipping your hair in slo-mo, and little else.

Apple attempted to double-down on its hype of the new trend on its website following the unveiling.

“Everything looks cooler at 120 (frames per second), even if you’re just saying ‘cheese’, waving hello or tossing your hair in the breeze,” the website reads.

But whatever reaction Apple expected the “slofie” to be met with, it most likely wasn’t the one of disgust it received from people on social media.

Within minutes, people had already shared their hatred of the term and the technology.

“I’m already calling ‘slofie’ the worst word of 2019,” one person tweeted.

Another said: “Please. Un-invent this. #slofie.”

Others were simply disappointed the word has absolutely nothing to do with sloths, despite sounding like the name of the notoriously slow-moving animals.

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