Apple's new iPhones are triggering people with trypophobia

As Apple unveiled its latest iPhones during its annual event today, some viewers found their attention drawn to one particular detail - the numerous camera lenses.

While likely useful for capturing photos, those who suffer from trypophobia are less-than-pleased by the new iPhone design, which has been called “triggering”.

Trypophobia is the fear of closely spaced holes or bumps, with most sufferers unable to stand the sight of things such as honeycomb.

With its new iPhone 11, Apple has introduced a second camera lens to the device’s back. On its new iPhone Pro models, the tech giant has added two more lenses - with the end result a closely packed three-camera corner.

On social media, people with an aversion to holes have already begun sharing their discomfort with the newest iPhone designs.

“Three cameras on the new iPhone actually triggers my trypophobia,” one person tweeted. “I can’t have people walking around me with those cameras every day."

Another said: “Those new cameras trigger my trypophobia and it’s no joke.”

Someone else said the new design has managed to trigger both their trypophobia and their arachnophobia, as the lenses resemble “spider eyes”.

While trypophobia is not officially recognised as a mental disorder, it is enough to convince some people not to spend $999 (£808) on the new iPhone.

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