Google searches for 'draft age' spike amid fears of war between US and Iran

Google is always a fascinating tool to behold after a major event in the world.

Here in Britain, usually after an election, we use it to research whatever the hell we just voted for or to find out the best way to leave the country.

It would appear that Americans also like to do the same especially after their president decides to do something which could have massive implications on the rest of the planet.

Following the assassination of top Iranian military general Qassim Suleimani in Iraq, courtesy of a direct request from Donald Trump, everyone was fearing that they might have to go to war.

According to Google Trends, searches for 'draft age' in the US spiked massively after the airstrike, having been almost non-existent in the days before.

Picture:Picture: Google Trends

This was after the Selective Service System, the organisation which monitors and distributes information about military conscription experienced such a high level of traffic that their website crashed.

It wasn't just Americans who were curious about whether they would have to go and fight a conflict in the US. Google shows that 'draft age' also began to spike in England, Scotland and Wales, which is reassuring to know...

Picture:Picture: Google Trends

For those interested, the draft age in America is 18-26 whereas the system of conscription has not existed in the UK since 1963 with the minimum age formerly being 17.

Just to give a taste of the general atmosphere in the US at the moment, here is alt-right provocateur and Trump supporter Jacob Wohl insisting that he will enlist himself to the army should a war with Iran breakout.

Good to see that everyone is behaving in a completely normal manner then...

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