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Fox News took a momentary break from doom mongering, by accidentally interviewing a well informed member of the public.

Vox pop interviews with the public can sometimes lead to terrible moments of news broadcasting.

Members of the public, picked at random on the street can be a nightmare interviewee, by being uninformed or, worse, uncommunicative.

However one Fox News reporter got more than he bargained for when approached two people on Miami Beach on Sunday morning, to ask them about Hurricane Irma.

We've very relieved to discover that as we speak the eye of the storm is practically south of us by 220 miles because it's crossing the 80th meridian, which is 80 degrees west longitude, so I'm not so worried because it's so far away and it's bearing as of 8pm -

The Fox News reporter interjects 'Westbound'.

Nodding, the member of the public answers.

Well not just bearing westbound, it was 275 degrees.

That's only one-fifteenth above due west toward true north, so this thing is moving and has been moving in a very westerly direction and because it's several hundred miles south, the risks are less.

The reporter tries to end it there but the man ploughs on.

I'm not worried.

I don't think it's going to get much worse than we see right here.

This rare moment of non-panic on a Fox News broadcast was posted to Twitter by Barstool News.

Due to his knowledge of compass reading and wind speeds, social media users on reddit and Twitter have guessed that the unidentified man may be a sailor or pilot of some kind.

HT Barstool News

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