Is there actually any truth to this incredible video about dog and human heartbeats syncing?

Is there actually any truth to this incredible video about dog and human heartbeats syncing?

We are all aware of the old adage ‘a dog is a man’s (and woman's) best friend’ and this video might give even more credence to the saying.

Dog food manufacturer Pedigree posted a video to its YouTube account which claimed that a dog’s heart can synchronise with that of its owner.

It's an incredibly heart-warming watch...

Dr Craig Duncan, a "Human Performance Expert" attached heart monitor sensors onto three sets of dogs and owners, and measured their heart rates when they were separate, and when they were together.

The ‘before’ results claimed both dog and owner were nervous when they were apart and he attributed their elevated heart rates to that.

The after results, however, show that both the dog and the human heart rates matched after they spent time together.

I am really quite surprised I can really see the coherence between the two of them. Once you are together you can look at how close it is and how closely the heart has aligned. You can actually see your heart start to become aligned.

But is there any truth in it?

indy100 spoke to Peter Voigt, professor of Veterinary Behaviour and Neuroscience at the University of Nottingham:

Research has shown, for example, that stressful events cause less increase in heart rate in dogs when the owner is present. The owner provides a safe haven for the dog.

Oxytocin has various physiological functions (facilitation of child birth and breast-feeding), but is also thought to play a role in social bonding.

Some studies do show the impact of dogs on heart rate in the owner so it works both ways.

There you have it! Dogs really are our truest pals.

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