Isis has banned these logos, so Iraqi militants are going to wear them in battle

News emerged this week that three boys in Iraq were flogged by Isis for the "crime" of playing football.

Activists told local media that one of the boys was wearing a Lionel Messi shirt, which the militants ripped up.

Following that punishment, it has been reported by activist groups in the region that Isis has banned the following logos:

The logos on the poster include the national flags of the USA, France, Germany and England, Nike and Adidas logos and the badges of Real Madrid, AC Milan and Messi's FC Barcelona.

A tweet from the Iraqi PMU - a government-funded umbrella group of mostly Shia militias - claimed its fighters would start wearing the logos into battle in order to spite Isis.

While reports of Isis banning football and related logos cannot be independently verified, it is consistent with similar rulings on sport, as the Independentreports.

Last month, the terror group ruled that football was "un-Islamic" and banned referees because they enforce "laws of Fifa not Sharia".

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