Isis' most deadly recent attack is the one you've heard least about

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Last week Isis carried out one of it's most deadly attacks ever in Nasiriyah, Iraq.

In the wake of the Parsons Green Tube explosion, the news of the attack in Iraq might have passed you by. This is what happened.

On Thursday evening shooting broke out at a restaurant on the main road of Nasiriyah, of the Thi Qar province of southern Iraq, around 320km southeast of Baghdad.

The Guardian reports that the restaurant is a regular venue for Shia Muslims in the area.

Al Jazeera report that a car laden with explosives attacked a security checkpoint in the same area, shortly afterwards.

84 people died as a consequence of the attack, including seven Iranians. A further 93 were injured as a result.

Picture:Picture: AFP/Getty Images

Picture:Picture: AFP/Getty Images

Isis attacks are rare for the region, where there is usually a higher security presence.

Previously Isis attacks in Iraq have been localised to the north and west of the country.

This attack follows some major setbacks for Isis in Iraq. In July, they lost the city of Mosul to American-backed-Iraqi forces.

They also lost 70 per cent of their control in Tal Afar but maintain hold of Kirkuk and areas of the Anbar province.

The spiritual leader of Iraq's Shia majority has urged to the government and leaders to:

Undertake responsibly and professionally the protection of citizens from terrorists.

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres condemned the attack in a statement and vowed to bring the culprits to justice.

A spokesperson for the UN said Mr Guterres offered:

his sincere condolences to the families of the victims and to the Government and people of Iraq.

This is one of the biggest attacks ISIS have carried in recent months.

In May, a car bomb exploded in the centre of Kabul, Afghanistan killing 90 people.

ISIS claimed responsibility for that attack as well as the failed attack in London on Friday.

A device exploded on a District line train on Friday morning at Parsons Green station.

Although there were no fatalities, 19 people were committed to three hospitals suffering from burns.

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