It looks like Lord Sugar had a cracking night out

Bethan McKernan@mck_beth
Thursday 10 December 2015 16:30

It appears Apprentice star Lord Sugar didn't stay in to watch his own show last night.

A series of tweets on the millionaire entrepreneur's timeline relatively early in the evening on Wednesday suggest that instead, Lord Sugar might have been out on the lash at a restaurant on Park Lane.

Sugar tweeted to say he was "totaly piss" after "3 Queens Park quirkies" (no, we don't know what they are either).

He also enjoyed "freat food" rediscovering a restaurant he'd forgotten existed.

In fact, Sugar was having such a good time, he was "atvtgect".

We didn't tune in last night, but we're hoping this is something that happened on the show rather than at the end of the evening.

HT: Stuart Millar

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