Ivanka Trump is often seen as the more reasonable, softer and even smarter face of the Trump administration, which isn't hard.

Since her dad became president, the first-daughter-turned-adviser has been supportive, but not as vocally as her brothers Donald Jr and Eric.

But Ivanka has broken her silence on the ongoing impeachment investigation against her father.

The inquiry centres around a phone call between Trump and the Ukranian president.

Democrats suspect that Trump asked the president to investigate the son of Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden in return for military aid.

Trump denies any wrongdoing, despite a redacted transcript of the call showing Trump asking Volodymyr Zelensky for “a favour”.

When asked about the investigation, Ivanka said:

This has been the experience of most. Abraham Lincoln was famously, in his own cabinet, surrounded by people who were former political adversaries.

So I would say that this seems to be the norm and history tends to repeat itself.

Ivanka isn't wrong that Lincoln was surrounded by adversaries. But historical records show this was deliberate so he wasn't surrounded by "yes men". Trump, on the other hand, faces opposition from his allies.

On social media, people weren’t exactly thrilled about Ivanka invoking Abraham Lincoln - known as one of the greatest presidents in history who rallied against slavery - to Trump.

Ivanka also missed out the part where Lincoln was assassinated.

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