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By now, it's pretty self-evident that the Trump clan have a, let's say, wayward relationship with the truth. This latest Instagram blunder from Ivanka Trump illustrates this perfectly.

Over the weekend, Joshua Kushner and Karlie Kloss held a weekend-long party in Wyoming to celebrate their wedding in October, and despite preparing to embark on a delicate political campaign in the Middle East, Ivanka and Jared took the time to drop by on the Thursday night before the festivities kicked off on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, reports People Magazine.

On Sunday, Ivanka, 37, posted a photograph to her Instagram Story showing her and Jared outdoors, in a setting that looked strangely similar to the social media posts from other attendees at the Wyoming festivities, reports People.

Despite its similarity, the photograph was taken elsewhere, a source in attendance told People.

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The source of the information is still unknown, however, some people have wondered whether it came directly from Karlie Kloss herself?

Jared and Ivanka are currently promoting the administration's plan to foster peace between Palestine and Israel, with Jared speaking at a two-day 'Peace to Prosperity' gathering in Bahrain.

Speaking to Reuters, Jared said:

We want to get feedback and hopefully finalise it so we can then coordinate a lot of the aid efforts and investing efforts to really drive results.

I laugh when they attack this as the ‘Deal of the Century.’ This is going to be the ‘Opportunity of the Century’ if they have the courage to pursue it.

Kloss and Kusher's second celebrations come eight months after they first said 'I do' in upstate New York, in front of only 80 guests. This weekend's festivities saw the couple joined by stars including Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom and Mila Kunis.

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