Shortly before Tuesday's press conference between Donald Trump and Theresa May, the respective parties and their representatives had to make a short walk across the road to the where the conference was being held.

Before Trump and May emerged from 10 Downing Street, Trump's eldest daughter Ivanka and his national security adviser John Bolton made the trip where they were greeted with loud boos and jeering.

However, Fox News, who were broadcasting live footage at this precise moment tried to cover up the jeers, and claimed that the vocal criticism wasn't being aimed at Ivanka at all but purely at Bolton.

Immediately Brian Kilmeade, a presenter on Fox & Friends,bizarrely acknowledged the booing but without any facts, blurted out.

It’s not for Ivanka — it’s for John Bolton, and he loves it.

He pretty much is looked at as somebody, as the tough guy in that administration.

And he loves that label.

We're not sure how Kilmeade knew that Bolton would love being booed so fiercely and if has as such a sensitive disposition as his boss, then we doubt he would have 'loved it'.

This truly bizarre moment is almost emblematic of the levels that Fox will stoop to in order to protect the president and any members of his administration.

Needless to say, people found this moment just as surreal and could only react as any decent person does on Twitter, with jokes.

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