Jacob Rees-Mogg is at it again. Forget advocating for an ideology that’ll plunge the UK into a prolonged period of upheaval and economic uncertainty, Rees-Mogg’s worst crime is continually tweeting in Latin.

The notoriously uber-posh, privately educated Tory MP has a habit of tweeting in the historic language. In December, he tried to take down prime minister Theresa May by tweeting in Latin. Predictably, he was roasted, though this hasn’t stopped him from making a further foray into tweeting in the dead language.

Rees-Mogg has quote tweeted a video from pro-Brexit account @StandUp4Brexit. Accompanying the video, he wrote the caption:

Dies iræ, dies illa.

This roughly translates to “day of wrath” in English, so it’s good to see that everything in British politics is completely normal and fine because there’s nothing sinister about that at all.

Of course, people were quick to pounce on the tweet. The roasting was predictably thorough.

People referenced allegations that an investment firm owned by Rees-Mogg has made £7m profit since the 2016 Brexit vote.

Rees-Mogg has neither confirmed nor denied these reports, simply saying the amount he receives is not for "public disclosure".

Niceus tryus, betterus luckus next timeus.

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