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We are only a handful of days into 2019 and vegans are seemingly public enemy number one.

The launch of Greggs vegan sausage roll has sent normal folks and Piers Morgan into a state of delirium as they appear to be offended by the thought of someone not wanting to eat any animal products.

Elsewhere, the Telegraph's appointment of William Sitwell, the former Waitrose editor who had previously joked about 'killing vegans,' as the publication's food critic, also drew headlines.

Now, Jacob Rees-Mogg, of all people has joined the anti-vegan debate by showing support for Sitwell, who he is friends with, in a very unusual tweet.

On Sunday morning, the Conservative MP shared Sitwell's review of a vegan restaurant and although he was pleased to see his mate back in print he admitted that he would never eat at such an establishment due to his constituency being a dairy farming area.

Rees-Mogg has every right to show support for his friend but the added message about vegan restaurants feels a little unnecessary and not entirely thought through.

People have since started to point out how odd his statement is.

The topic of Brexit, something that Rees-Mogg is in full support of, and how it will affect farmers soon began to crop up in his comments.

Still, it's nice to see Rees-Mogg showing loyalty in one area.

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