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I regret to inform you that Piers Morgan has been tweeting about vegans again.

We’ve only just recovered from the Greggs vegan sausage roll controversy and he’s already back.

At some point, you have to wonder if it’s a masochism thing.

To celebrate “Veganuary”, a range of companies have added vegan options to their menus and many of them have realised shouting out Morgan is a good way to get some free publicity.

But it seems like they’ve hurt poor Piers’ feeling, who’s now calling bullying on the pile-on.

Of course, Piers Morgan would never use his public platform to attack someone, would he?

He also didn’t seem too bothered about Pizza Hut's tweet the day before.

Could it be possible he's cynically trying to play the victim?

Other social media users seemed to think so.

We’re only five days into January and I’m beginning to think everyone should hold off on their vegan products for a little bit.

I’m not sure our delicate “snowflake” Piers can take any more of this.

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