James Dyson has suggested that everyone stop working from home and return to offices and it has gone down terribly.

Writing in The Telegraph, the billionaire inventor called on the government to take the “less popular decision” and encourage people to return to offices in order to restore the “competitiveness” of the nation’s firms.

“The Government must now harness any ‘vaccine dividend’ and support Britain’s firms as they seek to recover their global competitiveness,” he wrote.

“Returning to the workplace is the essential starting point.”

Advice in England to work from home where possible was lifted on 19th July as part of the many blessings of ‘freedom day’.

However, Labour has previously called for flexible working to become the “new normal”, saying “the right to flexible working will change our economy and the world of work for the better”.

Dyson also referenced the ventilators the Dyson company produced at the early stages of the pandemic as an argument for the office, though he did not note that he begged Boris Johnson not to make him pay extra tax if his company came to the UK to do so.

“Projects like this could never work with people cocooned at home,” he wrote, though he managed to shape UK tax policy from his phone alright.

Reacting to his unsolicited advice, people on social media turned on their vacuum cleaners to drown him out.

Dyson, a vocal supporter of Brexit, sparked outrage when he moved his headquarters out of the UK to Singapore in 2019. He also piped up earlier this year to claim Brexit had given us “independence of spirit” and was promptly roasted again.

Despite these setbacks, the glutton for punishment seems like he doesn’t give up easily. We look forward to his next hot take.

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