This Brexiteer hung up on James O'Brien when he asked him for a logical reason for leaving the EU

This Brexiteer hung up on James O'Brien when he asked him for a logical reason for leaving the EU

You might not know this, but Brexit isn't exactly going to planned these days... or years.

James O'Brien, ever defiant to Brexit and all its machinations, had a particularly interesting phone call today on his LBC show.

Enter Mark, who starts off strong by saying he voted leave because he doesn't "like the idea of the EU."

From there, it only gets worse as you might imagine.

O'Brien had to explain that we are in the EU and therefore we get a say in what happens, for example by virtue of voting in European parliament elections.

And when he asked for some logic, Mark took the adult approach and hung up on him.

Mark said:

I don't like the thought of the EU. I don't think that the EU respects other people's country and values that are specific to them.

I was speaking to someone in Vienna who was saying they don't feel that their values and our values are aligned.

To which Mr O'Brien replies:

Your reasons for not wanting another referendum so far is that you don't like the thought of the European Union because you met someone in Austria who said something.

Mark tried to have another stab at articulating what he didn't like specifically about the EU, citing that we have to follow their rules and by leaving the EU we remove ourselves from this weak position. Which is of course emphatically wrong.

Trying to get more out of Mark, O'Brien begins:

If we want a free trade agreement with that block, we must abide by almost all of those rules and you are saying that we must now be more independent and/or free by surrendering our right to help make the rules that we have to obey.

I was wondering if you could take me through the logic in that?

After such a seemingly unreasonable question, the caller hangs up on O'Brien.

This is apparently where we're now at with Brexit.

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