James O'Brien just proved that these old promises about Brexit have turned out to be completely false

James O'Brien just proved that these old promises about Brexit have turned out to be completely false

There are no two ways about it, James O'Brien has an excellent skill for cutting through obfuscating Brexiteers' arguments, and getting to the truth of the matter.

Now, the long-suffering Remainer, and LBC radio host, has turned his ire on politicians' historical claims about Brexit, and proved them to be complete and utter 'hogwash'.

With only 23 days to go before Brexit, and no deal with the EU in sight, his frustration at the situation is getting more and more palpable, as he tears those responsible for this 'shambles' to shreds.

First, he takes on Theresa May, who, three years ago, declared herself as a Remain supporter.

Quoting her old stance, he said:

Fewer than three years ago she said it is clearly in our national interest to remain in the European Union. 

Fun fact: It still is. 

Next, he blasts Nigel Farage, who said:

In a 52/48 referendum this would be unfinished business by a long way.

Well, that's awkward.

Same with Rees-Mogg, and a quote from eight years ago:

We could have two referendums. As it happens, it might make more sense to have the second referendum after the renegotiation is completed.

Let's just take a moment to let that sink in...

Next up is Boris Johnson, who famously, and perhaps ominously, claimed:

We're going to make a Titanic success of it.

The Thick Of It, eat your heart out.

Next up, Economists for Brexit, run by Patrick Minford:

Over time, if we left the EU, it seems likely that we would mostly eliminate manufacturing, but this shouldn't scare us.

Yes, sure, that's not a scary prospect at all. Not at all.

And finally, Conservative and arch Brexiteer Daniel Hannan.

It is irresponsible to scare EU nationals living in the UK by hinting that their status might change after Brexit, no one is suggesting such a thing.

Well, the people that believed that claim were probably a little taken aback when at the end of 2018, the Home Office issued a statement saying that 'EU Nationals wanting to stay in the UK post-Brexit will have to apply for citizenship'.

All in all, there's no getting away from the fact that this whole situation is essentially a shambles, and time is ticking very quickly towards 29 March.

It seems O'Brien is a voice of reason when all around him have lost their heads.

Listen to the whole argument here:


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