Another day, another utterly exasperating call to James O’Brien’s LBC radio show.

This time a caller has told O’Brien that he wants the UK to leave the European Union so the country can keep using three-pin plugs. Because curvy bananas are so last year.

But when host O’Brien repeatedly asked the called to name a single a Brexit-related benefit, Robert uses the example of three-pin plugs. In Europe, most countries use two pin plugs.

We obviously use three-pin plugs in this country – the EU don’t

So basically it means our safety aspects are a lot stronger than the generalisation of the EU. But we’re in the EU

Astonished by this, O’Brien responds:

So you think we have to leave the EU to get three-pin plugs?

O’Brien frequently takes calls from callers who often extremely odd reasons for wanting to leave the EU. Earlier this month, one caller said she supports Brexit even though she knows it’ll put her out of business.

H/T: iNews

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