Resurfaced TV clips glamourising Jeffrey Epstein make for very uncomfortable viewing

A couple of resurfaced clips about Jeffrey Epstein from an old VH1 show are very uncomfortable to watch.

Epstein was eventually convicted in 2008 for soliciting sex from a minor, and had been arrested again on a slew of charges when he took his own life in jail last year.

But a year before his first conviction, a VH1 clip that has resurfaced on social media glamourises Epstein’s private jets and planes.

One of them is a Gulfstream 4, and the other is a Boeing 727 with an “inflight trading room” (Epstein was a prominent Wall Street financier). One of the people in the video asks what Epstein could use a commercial size airliner for – and the voiceover replies that “it comes in handy when you’ve got powerful friends to fly around.”

Epstein was incredibly wealthy and influential. He was reportedly friends with both the Clintons and the Trumps, and prince Andrew.

In the video clip, the voiceover claims that Bill Clinton had used one of Epstein's planes for a flight in 2002 – and Kevin Spacey was also along for the ride.

Other clips surface too such as one on Epstein’s previous career as a high school maths teacher before he started watching Wall Street.

Another clip – which also looks awful in retrospect – is on his 70 acre private island called Little St. James.

People on Twitter reacted just as you would expect. It's all very uncomfortable viewing.

The 2007 clip seems to be part of a VH1 documentary on “Wall Street Ballers”, which looked at the lifestyles of rich and wealthy people who weren’t celebrities.

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