Jeremy Corbyn mocks Boris Johnson with an impression over the PM's handling of Brexit

Jeremy Corbyn mocks Boris Johnson with an impression over the PM's handling of Brexit

As thousands of people across the nation took to the streets to protest against Boris Johnson suspending parliament, Jeremy Corbyn was also doing his best to ridicule the current prime minister.

The Labour leader who had attended a protest in Glasgow, spoke at the Alive and Kicking Club in the Springburn district of the city where he touched on some of the questions he will have to ask the government once Brexit is implemented.

Corbyn said on the issue of the NHS and hospitals:

My job as the leader of the opposition is to ask the government questions. So I thought: 'Here it goes.'

'Could the prime minister tell us what upgrading means? Where these hospitals are, how much money is going to be involved in it?

What's actually happened to these hospitals? Who's going to own them? All fairly normal questions.

Corbyn then imitates Johnson's reply, which resembled something between a confused walrus and a broken vacuum cleaner.

Don't believe us, take a look for yourself.

It's actually not bad at all and the rest of the internet seems to agree.

The Press Association also reported that Corbyn confirmed that next week would possibly be MPs 'last chance' to stop a no-deal Brexit before parliament is suspended.

Yes, it is the chance and we will do absolutely everything we can to prevent a no-deal Brexit and the Prime Minister taking us into the hands of Donald Trump and a trade deal with the USA.

That is the real agenda of the Prime Minister. There is a lot of work being done in preparation for next Tuesday.

Parliament will recommence on Tuesday after a summer recess, before being closed at the earliest proposed date of Monday, 9 September for 25 days when a new Queen's Speech will be presented.

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