During an interview with The Sunday Times, Boris Johnson has outlined to his own MPs what they can do, should they decided to abandon him and side with Jeremy Corbyn.

Amid reports that 20 Tory MPs would refuse to support a snap general election on a no-deal manifesto, Johnson has told his colleagues to either support him or plunge the UK into 'chaos' under a Labour government.

Speaking to The Times he addressed not just his MPs but also the members of the public:

I just say to everybody in the country, including everyone in parliament, the fundamental choice is this: are you going to side with Jeremy Corbyn and those who want to cancel the referendum?

Are you going to side with those who want to scrub the democratic verdict of the people – and plunge this country into chaos?

Or are you going to side with those of us who want to get on, deliver on the mandate of the people and focus with absolute, laser like precision on the domestic agenda? That’s the choice.

These quotes come just days after the prime minister sought consent from the Queen to suspend parliament for five weeks, which many believe is an attempt to push through a no-deal Brexit, denying MPs of preventing such a scenario.

Johnson's quote has become front-page news but given his overall lack of popularity at the moment, his ultimatum hasn't exactly gone the way he would have hoped, at least on Twitter, with more than one reference to that David Cameron tweet.

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