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The Harry Potter series, while both lengthy and informative, left us with so many unanswered questions.

Did Harry hallucinate that final scene? What happened to his grandparents? How did the wizards votes in the EU referendum?

How in god's name do the owls find people - and why did nobody realise how much of a security issue that is?

Is Donald Trump a death eater? Did Sean Spicer take lessons from Rita Skeeter? And so on.

But no question has plagued the wizard-loving community more than this - Why did none of the characters seemingly never...Relieve themselves?

During the first half of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, a.k.a. Harry, Hermione and Glamping Gone Wrong, the three musketeers didn't have access to a toilet in that magic tent.

How were they to avoid leaving 'traces' in the woods for the trackers to follow?

Luckily for the world, the sharp-eyed journalists at BuzzFeed spotted a clue on Pottermore about this very issue, in a description of the Chamber of Secrets.

Hogwarts’ plumbing became more elaborate in the eighteenth century (this was a rare instance of wizards copying Muggles, because hitherto they simply relieved themselves wherever they stood, and vanished the evidence)...

So there you have it. Our beloved Harry, Hermione and Ron simply vanished the problem away.

Those deep in the fandom however, will be the ones who remember how complex the Vanishing Spell actually is, and how difficult Ron in particular found it, well...

We may now have the answer as to why Ron really had to leave...

H/T: MentalFloss.com

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