Joe Biden perfectly shuts down Trump for mocking him for wearing a mask

Joe Biden perfectly shuts down Trump for mocking him for wearing a mask

When Donald Trump came for Joe Biden wearing a face mask, the Democratic presidential nominee wasn’t afraid to clap back.

It all started when Biden and his wife, Jill, wore face masks as they laid a wreath at the Delaware Memorial Bridge on Monday.


Trump then took aim at Biden’s mask-wearing decision by retweeting Fox News political analyst, Brit Hume:

It comes after Trump time and time again has resisted wearing face masks in public.

He didn’t wear one during a recent visit to a Ford plant in Michigan or even when he took a tour of a face mask factory.

So, in response to the Fox News retweet, Biden simply tweeted:

He later called Trump an “absolute fool” for sharing the tweet mocking him for wearing a mask.

During an interview with CNN, he said:

This macho stuff, for a guy – I shouldn't get going, but it just, it costs people's lives. It's costing people's lives… Presidents are supposed to lead, not engage in folly and be falsely masculine.

During Tuesday’s coronavirus briefing, a reporter asked Trump if he was intending to criticise Biden for wearing a mask, to which Trump replied:

Biden can wear a mask but he was standing outside with his wife, perfect conditions, perfect weather – when they're inside they don't wear masks. And so I thought it was very unusual he had one on. But I thought that was fine. I wasn’t criticising him at all – why would I ever do a thing like that?

Trump then asked the reporter to take off his mask and when he refused, Trump accused him of “wanting to be politically correct”.

Both the CDC and the White House have advised Americans to wear a mask that covers their mouths in public places but so far Trump and vice president Mike Pence, have chosen to ignore these rules.

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