Trump would rather get coronavirus than give the media 'the pleasure' of seeing him in a face mask

Trump would rather get coronavirus than give the media 'the pleasure' of seeing him in a face mask

By this stage of the pandemic it should be pretty obvious that Donald Trump is not going to wear a face mask, no matter how bad the situation gets.

Despite it literally being the advice handed out from the White House and the CDC, Trump is so far yet to wear a face mask in public to protect himself from coronavirus.

Or at least that's what he's been telling the press...

During a visit to the Ford plant in Michigan, which insists that all visitors wear a mask on Thursday, the president appeared before the media without a mask.

At this point, we shouldn't be surprised at his ignorance but he went one step further and actually claimed that he was wearing a mask but didn't want anyone from the media to see him.

As Journey's 'Don't Stop Believing' blasted from a nearby speaker he said:

I had one on before. I wore one in the back area, but I didn’t want to give the press the pleasure of seeing it. It was very nice. It looked very nice. Honestly I think I look better in a mask.

Trump then went on to claim, in his expert medical knowledge that wearing a mask wasn't necessary because "everyone has been tested." Hmmm....not sure if the virus works like that.

Once again, Trump proves himself to be another beacon in a dazzling array of world leaders that we currently have...

Bill Ford, the executive chairman of Ford who was guiding Trump around the facility said in response to Trump's comment's that it was "up to him"

However, it appears that Trump was briefly wearing a mask during his visit. That or this is a very good photoshop job

This is far from the first time that the president has shown a careless disregard for health and safety during the pandemic.

Despite refusing to wear a mask, he has also claimed to have taken an unproven drug that he thinks can stop the virus and suggested injecting disinfectant as a means to cure the disease.

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