Joe Wicks farts on live stream viewed by more than 800,000 people

Joe Wicks farts on live stream viewed by more than 800,000 people

Joe Wicks, the popular fitness coach who kept people fit and healthy with his daily workout routines on YouTube during the pandemic was left red-faced earlier this week when he was caught on camera farting.

The Body Coach, who has restarted his live 9 am fitness sessions in the latest lockdown to keep everyone, especially children as fit and healthy as possible during the next few weeks.

Wicks' sessions are watched by millions of people but on Wednesday, viewers were treated to something that they are seriously not used to - a really loud and prolonged fart. Wicks let rip seconds before Wicks appeared on the live stream so at least he wasn't exercising but it still didn't spare him of any embarrassment.

The incident was brought up during Wicks’ appearance on the Heart radio show of former TOWIE star Mark Wright who asked Wicks, “Let’s just talk about some kind of noise that happened to, how many people?”

Wicks replied, “I'm so embarrassed by what's happened. Basically, I filmed my first PE with Joe yesterday, live at 9am, right? I pressed the live button just on my YouTube stream, and just before, I’m talking 20 seconds before, something slipped out Mark… and you can guess what it will be Mark…”

When asked how it happened Wicks explained that there is usually a 20-second delay but this time that somehow went wrong. “When you go live, you press live and there's about a 20-second delay but for some reason, the link had opened and it was buffering and it basically got the sound. So I've let out this giant – honestly, the longest - ripper I've ever let out in my life.”

Let’s be honest we’ve all been there but perhaps not quite on the level or platform that Wicks has. That particular stream was reportedly watched by more than 800,000. Inevitably, the clip has gone viral. Watch if you have the stomach.

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