John Bercow's 12 funniest House of Commons moments to mark his decision to stay on as Speaker

Narjas Zatat@Narjas_Zatat
Wednesday 29 May 2019 13:45

John Bercow has announced he will not quit as Speaker of the House of Commons this summer – and MPs hoping to prevent a no-deal Brexit are rejoicing.

This comes after “friends” of Bercow suggested he was stepping down – a claim he vehemently denied.

“I’ve never said anything about going in July of this year," he said.

The Speaker went on: “Now is a time in which momentous events are taking place and there are great issues to be resolved and, in those circumstances, it doesn’t seem to me sensible to vacate the chair.”

People online are glad to hear he’s staying, arguing it’s his “duty” to remain to deal with Brexit in the coming months.

Bercow isn’t just a level head in the House of Commons – sometimes he explodes in a flurry of righteous anger, often followed by one of a few catchphrases (like ORDER!).

In light of his staying on as Speaker in this difficult time, here are some of his best shouting moments:

2. Singing Jeremy Corbyn.

3. The Jeremy Corbyn EP.

4. Bambos Charalambos.

5. Mr Peter Bone.

6. "Unlock."

7. That 90s tune.

8. The time he rejected anymore "meaningful votes" from Theresa May.

9. "Division one."

10."Division two."

11. "Division three."

12. And "Dodgy Dave."

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