John Oliver is pleading with us all not to take part in April Fools' Day.

In a new video, the host of Last Week Tonight claims that pranks are "terrible" and anyone who claims to be excited by April Fools' Day is "probably a sociopath".

"April Fools' Day is to comedy what St Patrick's Day is to Irish culture," he says, before getting audience members to take the below pledge:

I solemnly swear that on this April Fools' Day, I will not post a fake engagement photo on Facebook like some kind of arsehole. Nor will I perpetuate a celebrity death hoax, because that makes people sad. In fact I will not play any practical jokes, and if I see someone planning a prank, I will say to them, 'hey you're being a dick right now, stop being a dick. Seriously, stop being a dick'.

Watch the full video below:

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